Free Dates

1. Catch - Go outside and play a game of catch with whatever you have handy. Baseball, softball, football, frisbee, etc.

2. Visit a Fire Station - Call your local fire station and schedule a visit! It's a great excuse to dress up and act out a childhood dream.

3. Baking Together - Spend a night at home baking some delicious goodies!

4. Go to the Beach - It doesn't cost a cent to walk on the beach together. Play in the water, walk barefoot in the sand, and just enjoy each others company. Not close to an ocean? Try a lake or even a river!

5. Walking Tour - Take a free tour of your town (or a neighboring one). You and your spouse will be pleasantly surprised at what you may learn.

6. Foamhenge - Look for free landmarks in your area.

7. Paint - Want to stay in? Pull out the paints and see what the two of you can create!

8. Ward Social - Hubby and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Local wards often put on free activities and socials. Not LDS? Many other churches do too!

9. Learn to Dance at Home - Go on youtube and pick a dance that the two of you can learn together. There are all sorts of instructional videos!

10. Dream House Hunting - Hop in the car and go look at other homes and decide what you want for your dream house!

11. Drive on the Parkway - Go for a scenic drive together.

12. Tennis - Go play a game of tennis! If you don't have rackets, borrow!

13. Game Night and Movie - Pull out those board games and end with a fun movie!

14. Karaoke and Car Show - Many towns put on car shows. Ours also has weekly Karaoke Night. Both free!

15. Mini Golf at Home - Make a course at home using tape and stuff from around the house!

16. Trampoline - Go outside and start jumping! Don't have one? Use a friends, neighbors, or family members.

17. Snow-Less Sledding - Grab some cardboard and hit the grassy slopes! If you don't have any cardboard, ask for an empty box from a store or grab some from a recycling bin.

18. The National Mall - Visit our Nation's Capitol and see the sights! They are full of history, fun, and FREE!

19. Tree Swing - Find a tree swing (or playground swing) and give each other a push!

20. Valentines Day -Valentines day gifts that don't cost a dime!
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