Friday, August 26, 2011

Dream house hunting

Nap time date again.

Since hubby had to work tonight, we opted for a day time date. We thought it would be fun to drive around and explore some neighborhoods that we aren't familiar with and look for dream house ideas.

I only have a few photos because the battery in my camera died on our drive but we found some beautiful homes! I never thought we could live here after we are done with school but now I am having second thoughts...

This one was awesome! I went online to check it out when we got home and the interior is even better. There is a gorgeous spiral staircase and lovely fireplaces. Not to mention a great location.

This was absolutely adorable. Hubby and I fell in love. There wasn't really a place to pull over and take a picture though. Lame...

I actually don't particularly like this next one. Like, at all. But its so Virginia. At least to me.

Our date this week? Spending time "house dreaming" together. And the best part is that its free! Can't beat that!

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