Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Romance Spotlight: Elise

Hello everyone and welcome to another ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT! Elise from The Frugal Farm Wife is here to share a fun date that she and her husband had. I hope you take a minute to read about it and make sure you stop by her blog and say hi!
Take it away Elise!

Last Friday I was over at my parents and dad mentioned that he had to go to a town about 30 miles away for a few small things for his work truck.

 I jumped on the opportunity and offered to go get them if he would watch Garrett. Gabriel and I haven't really been able to date as such since Garrett was born last June. But now that he's 11 months old and eating quite a bit of solid food, we're finding that I can leave him for a few hours at a time without undesirable repercussions, so I jumped at the chance to turn an errand into a date!

Dad accepted my offer to go get his stuff, and I ran to see if Gabriel was up for it. He was of course. One of our favorite things to do together is ride motorcycles which, again, we haven't really done since Garrett was born. So we ran home, suited up and took off!

We took some beautiful back country roads and road through a small Amish community to admire their spring gardens. After we stopped at the small town auto parts store and picked dad's order up, we took a different route home to stop by our favorite little country store where we purchased some dried fruit and peanuts and sat on the store's porch looking out at the creek to eat our snack.

Gabriel and I in front of the ice machine of all things!

On the way home we drove by some hay fields that were being baled - they smelled wonderful!

How's that for an unconventional date?!

 It may have started out as a simple errand, but I think Gabriel and I were both happier with our date knowing that we had been at least semi productive while having fun. And besides, The whole thing cost us little more than five dollars since we traded an errand for baby sitting. Now that's my kind of date! :)
Elise is a child of God, wife, and mother. She blogs on frugalfarmwife.com about her journey in thriftyness, farming, and food allergies

Thanks so much Elise! Loved it!
Be sure to stop by again for another ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT!

Happy Dating!

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  1. My hubby & I are trying to find creative ways to "date" each other these days. We live hours from any family, so there aren't any babysitting options for us. And since we homeschool, even lunch dates are out of the question (many of my friends do this during the school year). We finally decided the kids were old enough to be home alone for short periods of time - 1-2 hours - if we stayed nearby, and it was so wonderful to have our very first date night in ages! (They did fine, btw... I think I was a bit more worried than they were - and we only traveled 1 mile away for dinner!)


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