Saturday, May 26, 2012


It has been gorgeous here in Virginia lately. Just gorgeous!
 Hubby and I wanted to take advantage of the fantastic weather so we drove up to a little dam and played in the creek. It was extremely hot today so it was nice to cool off in the shade and splash in the water.
 Someone made this awesome path of "stepping stones" that were fun to walk across and we did a little climbing too. We love rivers, creek, lakes and ponds. They're beautiful and make great date night locations. 
Do you live by a body of water? Go there with your Hubby. 
Spend a date together where the its quiet and peaceful. There is something so soothing and romantic about water. Places like this are free too! Can't beat that now can you?

Happy Dating!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chalk Night

When was the last time you drew with chalk? 
And I don't mean your kids.
Me? It's been awhile.

So....I decided to pull them out and leave some love notes for my Hubby. 
 I was surprised at how easily entertained I was. 
I love chalk!
I thought it would be fun for Hubby to come home to a different kind of "welcome".
I wrote on everything. The sidewalk, the stairs, the railing and even our parking spot.
No missing these love notes!
Try it!
Chalk costs close to nothing and if you already have some, this is totally FREE!
 Leave a sweet message for your Hubby or make a date night of it!
Have a "chalk-off" or something. Get creative!

Happy Dating!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Romance Spotlight: Amanda

Hello everyone and welcome to my ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT! Amanda from The small-time Adventures is here to share an awesome date that she and her hubby had at home! I hope you take a minute to read all about it and be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!
Take it away Amanda!

 Hello "Friday Night Date Night"-ers! I found Mackenzie's blog a short time ago & loved it! It's so fun & fits so well with my life & what my husband & I try to do - date & keep falling in love without breaking the bank. ;)

One of our own favorite dates started like this - our honeymoon was not very long, but very eventful. We were supposed to spend a couple of days alone in a family member's cabin before having to U-haul it up to San Francisco, but a snowstorm closed down the road right before we got there. Blocking both the road in AND out of a small nearby town, we ended up holed up inside a Best Western Motel which had a mysterious wet spot on the carpet which never dried or shrank in size. We still managed to have a great time though, because hey, being snowed-in on your honeymoon is pretty romantic... even if their is a large spot on the floor you have to avoid. ;)  We did, however, decide we could take a slightly longer & more thrilling honeymoon during my husband's spring break in March.  Knowing we couldn't go somewhere extravagant we thought that hiking & staying around Yosemite would be wonderful.

Beautiful, isn't it?
But by the time March came around, with no car & a small budget we decided to nix Yosemite.

Welcome: Apartment.
view from our front door is another plain apartment, but if you look to the left - ALMOST like Yosemite?
We switched off planning dates that week to make up for it, & on my turn I decided we would go camping as much as possible. So I told Derek to wait in our room & I'd pick him up, while I made dinner, packed our backpack full of the essentials, grabbed all the sheets and pillowcases we owned put on my hat and told him we were going camping.

We used part of our laundry line for the top of our tent, and used chairs and such for the frame. We were pretty excited with how it turned out. :)

That's my husband sitting inside the doorway.
 After that was done I brought out our meal trying to make it look "campy." The dark jar is full of homemade salad dressing if you're puzzled. ;)

 Our fire
Our dessert-ish snack. Derek LOVES Ritz crackers, so I "splurged" on some to wrap up the night. He was so into them he missed the picture. ;)

After placing all our blankets down for padding (hard floor) we played games and spent the night in our makeshift tent palace. It was awesome. Take that Yosemite. ;) 

Thanks so much Amanda! Loved it!
Hope you stop by next week for another ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Toilet Paper Love

I love leaving little notes for Hubby. Sometimes I get bored with a pen and paper though. 
But now I have a new alternative!

He will know I love him even at times when he needs to use this :)
If you want to learn how to make origami toilet paper hearts, click HERE for a video tutorial. 

Try it! It will definitely put a smile on his face!

Happy Dating!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Explore Your City

Each city is full of sites and activities unique unto itself. Some of the best dates are spent discovering different parts of your own city together. We spent part of our honeymoon in Seattle, Washington. It was a lot of fun! There are plenty of things to do, and places to see that won't break the bank.
For example:
We took a ferry ride. 
These are less than $10 for most and are fantastic! Kids under 6 ride for free, and you can take your car aboard to check out different islands if you like. It's a great view and so fun!
We stopped at the space needle! 
We didn't actually go up. It's way pricy. It's a lot of fun to go walk around and take pictures though. 
We visited Pike Place Public Market.
This place is great. All sorts of fresh produce, seafood and miscellaneous vendors!
Have you ever heard of the fish throwers they have there? Look them up on you tube if you haven't. It's really cool to watch them!
We also fed the seagulls at the famous Ivar's.
This is a MUST if you are ever in Seattle.
 Even if its just walking around window shopping or site seeing; exploring a city together is a great date! 
What kinds of things do you do together in your city?

Happy Dating!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have been swamped! Among other things, our "Sweet B" had a birthday and Hubby graduated with two BA's! 
Whoo hoo!
Now its off to law school... destination TBA.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hill Rolling

Did you ever roll down hills as a kid? 
Because I did! And because I did, I thought it would be fun to do it again with my Hubby. 

Does this remind anyone else of A Princess Bride? You know, the part when they are rolling down the hill before they enter the fire-swamp? Great movie. Anyways...

It was a lot of fun to do this again but holy cow I got dizzy. I don't know what changed since I was five but I definitely don't remember it hurting my head that much. Ugh, won't be doing that again any time soon. 

Dates like this are great if you don't have a lot of time. Hubby had finals last week so we could only afford 10-15 minutes here and there. This was perfect for that! 

And FREE people! 

So give it a try! Be kids again together!

Happy Dating!

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