Saturday, September 24, 2011

Virginia Beach

Any guesses as to where we went this weekend?

That's right. The beach!

Hubby is on the tennis team and had some matches scheduled there for this weekend.
So, Sweet B and I decided that we would tag along.

There were some fantastic hotels right on the beach!

Complete with spas, restaurants and outdoor eating areas.
How fantastic is this place?

...Too bad we didn't stay here.

No, hubby and I opted for a cheaper option. However, you could see the water from our motel. See?


Not oceanfront but hey, it was within walking distance!

Sweet B loved it. She LOVES wide open spaces and was content to walk all over the place.

Getting there was hectic though. What should have been a 4-5 hour car ride turned into a 7+ hour trip.
Traffic was insane and the rain was even worse.

I was a little bummed because I had high hopes for parasailing.

A few hours before we got there, the parasailing company called and said it was a no-go because of the rain.
Oh well. I will do it eventually.

It rained most of the day friday. Luckily, it stopped long enough to go to the beach and watch the sunset.

And look what we saw! As the sun went down, a rainbow appeared.

And it just kept getting better!

1. Sunset
2. Double Rainbow
3. On the beach with hubby

Can you say Romantic?

All it needed was a little of this to make it perfect.

Heart in the sand.

We were so excited about the double rainbow scene that we didn't even look behind us.
After awhile hubby stopped in his tracks and started starring in the opposite direction.

Pretty beautiful on this side too huh?

We tried to save as much money as we could on this trip/date.
Instead of going out to eat for every meal, we brought snacks and also stopped at a local grocery store. Healthier and cheaper. We also opted for a cheaper hotel (Hubby may or may not be a little bummed about that).

Despite the weather and long car ride, we had a great FNDN.
See you next week!

And we love this little girl!

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Plan "A" for FNDN was a total bust. So, we were left with plan "B". However, plan "B" turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than we expected. And it was free! Whoo hoo! I rock at this.

Since we stayed in tonight, we waited until Sweet B was in bed and then pulled out these.

I don't know about you, but niether hubby nor I have used these in years. Like, 10+ years.

That's right, a good 'ol fashion art project was on the agenda this evening.

What will we create?

I have no idea.

Neither of us are artists. At all. So we were particualrly curious to see how these would turn out. I have a hard time with stick figures as it is.

In no time though, we were both totally absorbed in our creations.

Did you notice that I ever took the time to make myself a painters palette?

Probably because I was afraid of the actual painting painting part and was procrastinating it.

We have been watching the movie Tangled a lot. Can you tell?

Hubby took the time to sketch his out first.

According to hubby "I drew better when I was in 5th grade!"

Its OK babe, so did I.

A little childhood fun came back into our home tonight and we really were surprised at how fun it was. I must admit, we were both a little skeptical at first.

But we got some good laughs out of it.

Thats the main thing though right?

Another free date at home. Score! Hope your FNDN was as fun as ours.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Ward Social

May I just tell you how much fun I had tonight? We had a blast!

As memebers of the LDS church, we often have ward socials. Tonight, we had ours at a members lovely home. They have the BEST backyard. Period. I want their backyard. I could live in their backyard. I just love it.

Hamburgers and hot dogs were on the grill all night with tables and chairs set up throughout the yard to eat at.

There were activities for all ages. I personally enjoyed the tree swing.

Sweet B and hubby enjoyed themselves as well. Hubby sported my sweet shades and took B for airplane rides.

There were lots of friends to play with.

I teach some of these girls Sunday school. They loved helping Sweet B up and over hills.

Do you like our summer home in the background? Ha! I wish.

How perfect is this setting huh? I still can't get over it. A lot of the young men played catch with a football, while the dads played bocce ball.

Not only was there a tree swing, but also a jungle gym, tree house, fort, and acres and acres of grass to run free in.

The evening ended with fireworks! Talk about going out with a bang! I tried to get a few photos but they didn't turn out. The noise really scared our little one though so we took off soon after they started.

This was a great date! I must say, I've been doing awesome with the whole "free dates" thing lately too. We enjoyed free food, and all of our wonderful ward family friends. Thank you "H" family for hosting! We had a fantastic time!

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