Friday, September 9, 2011

Ward Social

May I just tell you how much fun I had tonight? We had a blast!

As memebers of the LDS church, we often have ward socials. Tonight, we had ours at a members lovely home. They have the BEST backyard. Period. I want their backyard. I could live in their backyard. I just love it.

Hamburgers and hot dogs were on the grill all night with tables and chairs set up throughout the yard to eat at.

There were activities for all ages. I personally enjoyed the tree swing.

Sweet B and hubby enjoyed themselves as well. Hubby sported my sweet shades and took B for airplane rides.

There were lots of friends to play with.

I teach some of these girls Sunday school. They loved helping Sweet B up and over hills.

Do you like our summer home in the background? Ha! I wish.

How perfect is this setting huh? I still can't get over it. A lot of the young men played catch with a football, while the dads played bocce ball.

Not only was there a tree swing, but also a jungle gym, tree house, fort, and acres and acres of grass to run free in.

The evening ended with fireworks! Talk about going out with a bang! I tried to get a few photos but they didn't turn out. The noise really scared our little one though so we took off soon after they started.

This was a great date! I must say, I've been doing awesome with the whole "free dates" thing lately too. We enjoyed free food, and all of our wonderful ward family friends. Thank you "H" family for hosting! We had a fantastic time!

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