Saturday, August 20, 2011

Drive on the parkway

Hubby and I found a new way to have dates without a babysitter.

Go durning nap time.

Now that we have a car that works, we have been itching to GO somewhere. ANYWHERE. Why? Because we can! Not only that, but we're no longer afraid of breaking down. That has happened way too many times. I think I will pass on those experiences from now on.

Anyway, we piled into our new beauty and hit the hills. We happen to live right at the base of the blue ridge parkway and had never been up there. Since we left right at nap time, sweet B slept for the whole date. It was nice to have some one on one time with hubby but still have our little one with us. It is beautiful up there! We found a lookout spot and stopped for some photos.

We mostly enjoyed taking our new ride out for a spin on the twisty roads. You like? Because we sure do!

I never could figure out why they called these the blue ridge mountains until we moved here. Now I get. So blue! And so beautiful! Doesn't it remind you of that Louis Armstrong song "What a wonderful world"?

Our date wasn't on Friday Night this week. We didn't have a sitter either. But I wouldn't have changed one thing about it. It was fun and we had "us time". Thats all that matters.

My new challenge is trying to balance school schedules, sports practices and work into our dating plans. Wish me luck and hope I don't fall!

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  1. Yeah new car! Yeah new camera! Yeah nap time! I love it when the kids zonk out and it's quiet time for the grown ups.

  2. Good idea! Now, if only I could get my son to sleep longer than a a half our-45 minutes in the car...!

  3. what a great idea... and love the new car!! where do you guys live in the blue ridge mountains?? we used to live in NE georgia and i always loved it in that area! thanks for joining in this week!


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