Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mini Golf at Home

Hubby has a set of golf clubs. He has not touched them the whole time I've known him. While brainstorming what to do for FNDN I stumbled across those dusty clubs again. So, I decided to put them to use and made a mini golf course at home! It was so fun!

I used masking tape for the lines and used cardboard to hold up our tee.

Some holes were made of cardboard and others were cups.

At the last minute, we invited our neighbors up for a round. We may have to do this again with more couples. It would be a great group date. I'm thinking maybe matching shirts and prizes?

We got really creative and used some of Sweet B's toys for obstacles. Those blocks were pretty intimidating, let me tell you.

No babysitter needed for this date. We just waited until our little one was asleep. And the course was made from objects around the house. 

No babysitter + stuff from home + spouse = FREE DATE!

Who doesn't love that?

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  1. I passed an award on to you :)

  2. How freaking cute are you!!! This looks like a ton of fun!!

  3. you are simply brilliant. definitely trying this one... i'm with you... matching shirts+more people=awesome group date night!

  4. You've been featured at Hookin Up with HoH!
    Feel free to stop by and grab a button if you'd like.

    Allison @ House of Hepworths!

  5. what a fun blog! love your ideas... my husband will love the no cost ones!

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