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Romance Spotlight: Lauryn

Hello everyone and welcome to another ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT! Lauryn from love notes by lauryn is here to share her and her hubby's story. It's super cute and I hope you take a minute to read it! Be sure to stop by her AWESOME blog too. 
Take it away Lauryn!

hello friday night date night readers!
i'm lauryn from the blog

love notes by lauryn
mackenzie asked me to post about my husband and i.
she asked me to write it a LOONG time ago.
and i never got around to it. not because i was trying to be irresponsible, 
but because i wanted to capture our story perfectly in a short amount of words.

see i have known my sweet boy for 7 years. 
out of those 7:
2.5 were spent dating
2 were spent writing letters
& for 2 years we have been married.
i could honestly write a long book about our story....
much too long for a blog post. 
so i will share our life and our love story in a very very small nutshell.
and for those of you who really don't even want the nutshell version, 
here is the story in pictures:

pull up a seat and grab some popcorn or something.
even the nutshell story is long.

high school sweethearts
michael and i met my freshman year of high school. i was 15 and he was 16.
i was often a visitor at his house.. he had the party house.
we talked, played ping pong, had water fights, drove around crazy in the car, etc.
one night as i was leaving he so casually said 
"you're not leaving without a hug"
i already was crushing on this boy. 
and now, my 15 year old self was going to get a hug from this stud!
ah, bliss.
we began to see a lot more of one another, and one night he kissed me.
i was 15.
i was horrified.
so i cried.
and broke up with him.
over text.
yes, i cried. yes i broke up with him. yes it was over text.
i'm awful i know.
i really couldn't believe i had been kissed. i felt so little!
naive little me, ruined by an innocent little peck.
so i decided it was probably a great time to go back to my old boyfriend 
who i held hands with, texted a lot, and was never alone with him.
much more comfortable for me.
by time i was a sophomore, 
i was a single girl again. ready to enjoy my high school life.
i would see cute little michael on the hill at lunch.
him with all his cool friends and pizza just hanging out in the back of a pickup truck.
gosh, he was so cool.
i didn't even like him.
i think.
my friend one night asked me if i would ever get back together with him.
i jumped right on that.
uh, yes.
next thing i knew we were dating again! 
i loved it. it was always so much fun. 
all the time happiness.

called to serve, rochester NY
the time came that the boy had to leave me.
he turned 19 and it was time for him to serve the lord.
he got called to serve a mission for our church in rochester, new york.
i was completely supportive. i wanted him to do this.
but the thought of him being gone for 2 entire years-just short of the amount of time we had dated-
made me sick. sick sick sick.
i went with him to the missionary training center when he left 
(you could do that back then, now it is not permitted)
when i came home, i went right to the lovesac in our front room
and lived there.
for days.
i was hysterical.
it was pathetic.
i couldn't believe it.
i slept with kleenex boxes and woke up to tissue crumbs.
i missed a TON of school.
no one warned me how hard this was going to be.
what had i gotten myself into.
a big freakin' mess.
that's what.
somehow i gained the composure to go back to school.
i finished out my senior year of high school and could not have done it without my bestie ky.
we had a blast.. to this day she is my best friend. i love love love her.

time for adventure
when i graduated i decided it was time for me to have some adventure.
i don't know why or where it came from, but i decided i was going to go to mexico.
i went for 4 months, stayed with an AMAZING family and taught english to sweet little kiddos.
i grew up a ton. 
i got busy enough i wasn't constantly stressing over my missionary.
i came back and was a counselor at a youth camp.
i got my first REAL job teaching preschool. (i still work there today!)
i started school at the university of utah.
and waited.

such a long wait
people told me it would get easier. it didn't.
people told me the second year was easier. it wasn't.
i still had many nights where all i wanted to do was go find my lovesac and sleep.
i needed him.
it was so so hard.
i would find myself with less tissues in the bed, 
but that didn't stop the random bursts of pain, spouts of tears, heartache.
i remember talking to ky and telling her i could actually feel pain in my heart.
every once and a while now, i will remember the pain and begin to cry.
i can not even explain how hard it was on me.
i didn't want to be one of those girls... all sappy and weird about a kid from high school.
but i totally was. i didn't care, i still don't care. 
he is my sweetie.

...but so worth it
after 2 years, and 4 days extra too!
he came home.
(i even felt relief writing that!)
i went to the airport with his family.. i was a nervous wreck!
sweating like crazy, shaking....ah.
what was i going to do.
first person of the plane.
not him.
not them.
not her either.
this could not be happening.
i was SO happy.
the second i saw him i knew things would work out.
i just knew it.

may 28, 2010 ...then comes marriage
and they did.
michael got home the beginning of december.
he proposed at the end of january.
we got married in the salt lake temple at the end of may.
these have been the happiest 2 years of my life.
i love my cute michael so much. 
he is absolutely amazing.
i feel 100% complete with him.
he is the only thing that can make me TRULY happy.
i am lucky lucky lucky in LOVE.

thanks mackenzie for having me.
it was so good for me to finally sit down and write our story.

Thanks so much Lauryn! Loved it!
Hope you stop by again for another ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT!

Happy Dating!

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