Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3rd Anniversary

On Saturday June 23, Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. 
3 wonderful years.

We were married in the Salt Lake City Temple for time and all eternity.
It was a beautiful, cloudless day. 
Everything was perfect.

To celebrate, we went to our favorite local ice cream shop. I got chocolate and butter pecan on a homemade chocolate dipped waffle cone. Hubby got cantaloup and banana. 
I don't know about you guys, but if I am going to get a dessert....I am going to get a dessert. 
None of this fruit nonsense. 

After we put Sweet B to bed (with a sitter), we went to a beautiful spot on the river to watch the sunset. There is a tree swing that sits right off the bank with a gorgeous view. It was wonderful to spend the evening together listening to the river and watching the fire-flys surround us on the swing.

We laughed, made faces, and cursed our cheap camera that can't seem to capture anything we want it to. 
Darn it. 
Just image a gorgeous river, speckled with glowing fire-flys. 
Then imagine a big beautiful tree with a couple sitting on a swing.
And I will imagine that my waist is the size that it was 3 years ago. 

Happy Anniversary Hubby!
Thanks for the happiest years of my life!

Happy Dating!


  1. Our anniversaries are only two days apart! Mine is on the 21st. By the way, I get what you mean about the whole imagining waist line thing (i do the same thing), but seriously you look beautiful. I say the same thing about myself, but other people don't see it and it is the same for you. I miss you!!!!

  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary! Your wedding day was so beautiful and we were so grateful to be there to share it with you. Love you both (and B!)

  3. Yay for June weddings! My anniversary is the 30th!


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