Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tree Swing

There are always free things to do. You just have to go find them!
Like this tree swing for example. Our dating budget seems to be getting smaller and smaller lately so when we were trying to find a fun free activity, this swing stood out. 
Free AND fun! theory anyways. Hubby was not so fond of being up high, or being cold, or the fact that it was tied to a tree branch that could break at any second.....
Can you tell who Mr. Safe in my family?
I think his face portrays his feelings about the whole thing. 
 And so he quickly got off. 
I had a marvelous time on the other hand! I love swings! In fact, I used to get kicked off the swings in elementary school because I was "too reckless". Yeah that's right. I'm a reckless swinger.
Mr. Safe and I don't exactly see eye to eye on these types of matters. He won't let his feet go any higher than he can jump while I go on roller coasters that go upside down. I walk across a rusty pipe lying over a stream to get to school while he adds three blocks to his walk in order to avoid it. We are different to say the least. And that's why I appreciate this date so much. Because I know it wasn't his favorite.
But that's what marriage is all about right? Making compromises and making each other happy. And I must say that my Hubby does a great job. Especially since I told him that his original plans for a date stunk and I wanted to swing instead. 
If you are looking for a free date, try swinging together. It's great for all seasons and all ages. Find a tree swing, playground swing, tire swing, whatever you have and go for it!

Happy Dating!

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  1. Way too cute, Mackenzie :) I love it!
    Thanks for linking up to rock

  2. I too love to swing. I used to (many years ago) try and go so high I would go all the way around. Your post is very sweet. Our hub's just have to remember...Girls are always first. That includes our ideas for fun. HA!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. fun, fun!! love the differences in you guys! so funny! and love that red coat on you!!

  4. Hey Mackenzie!
    I love reading your blog, but I haven't been able to get linky followers site to properly link to your site. There is a typo that sends you to ffridaynightdatenight.blogspot (a non-existent site) but I was able to figure it out and manually click my way here. I'm not sure if this typo was an error on my part or yours, but I just thought you should.....

  5. Funny! Everyone needs a balance, right? Love the red coat too.

  6. Funny, we went for a walk last weekend and ended up at the park on the swings! So fun!

  7. Looks like fun! I'm excited that my hubby and I are sneaking away tomorrow for an overnight date in the city! We'll find plenty of FREE stuff to do while there. I love this stage of our marriage (23 yrs).


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