Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leavenworth Hat Shop

My family is from Washington state. While we were visiting over Christmas break, we went to one of my favorite towns...

In 1962 it was transformed into a mock Bavarian village to help boost it's economy. 
Coincidentally, Hubby was born and raised in Bavaria! (Hence the Oktoberfest Party and slight obsession with all things German.) So we had to make a stop.

We even spent a day there on our honeymoon. 

Oh to be tan again....

Anyways, back to Christmas time. 

It's just great. They imitate the German Christmas markets and go all out for the holidays. 

Every time I go there, my family makes a traditional stop at the famous hat shop. Or as my sister calls it; The Washington lice exchange. 

They have every kind of hat imaginable!

From skunk hats... mustard hats...

...and everything in between. 

I say! Doesn't Hubby look  positively smashing in that top hat?
I sure think so. :)

Any fun shops in your neighborhood? Go there and make a date of it!

Happy Dating!

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  1. We just had Christmas in Leavenworth. It's our favorite place to go. My husband was in Bavaria a couple years ago and took pictures. We were surprised how well Leavenworth did in simulating Bavarian, so we put up a blog post with a comparison of Leavenworth and Bavaria.

    Our website is for tourists to Leavenworth to help them find what's happening, where to eat, etc. We have reviews, and descriptions of everything.

    Before you go to Leavenworth next time, drop by to see what's happening in town:


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