Monday, January 9, 2012

Calendar of Dates

For Christmas, Hubby gave me this beautiful calendar of France. 

While admiring the beautiful pictures, I noticed this little note from him. 

Don't worry, I have a REALLY hard time reading his writing too.

It says "Look inside for the month of January..."

And what do you think I found? 


Dates planned ahead of time and by Hubby instead of me!!

This is wonderful present indeed!

I am so excited!

I can't wait to share the next month of dates with all of you. 

Try giving this gift for Christmas next year, or maybe a birthday. Its SO GREAT!
The only thing that could make it better would be dates to go see the locations in each of the photos......hmmm.....maybe if we ever get some money. 

Happy Dating!

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  1. That is such an incredibly thoughtful gift. So sweet. You have inspired me to go on more dates with Tyler by writing this blog. It can be hard with a baby, but you can do it, so I guess we can too. Thank you!

  2. WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA! How cool to have this calendar and I hope you actually get to do all of the ideas. Yeah! You should write down the ones you do and blog about them. :-)


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