Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Hubby had a birthday earlier this month!

We did presents at home and then the two of us went out to dinner!

Luckily, some good friends of ours watched Sweet B for free! 
Thank you "C" family!

Hubby elected to eat at Edelweiss. It's a cute little German restaurant not to far from us. 

And in Germany the Christmas festivities don't officially end until January 6th, so there were still Christmas decorations up at the restaurant. 

I love signs like this. They just make me smile. 
And I'm sure people were "smiling" at me when I took my camera to the restroom with me. 

It has been a long time since just the two of us have been out to dinner. 
Birthdays are special though. 
Especially for this guy. 

Happy Birthday Hubby! I love you Mein Schatz!

What do you do for birthdays? I'd love to know!

Happy Dating!

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  1. yum!! that restaurant looks so cozy! we actually live in a little neighborhood called germantown and have a "homecooked" german restaurant that is to-die-for! happy birthday to your hubby!!


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