Saturday, September 15, 2012

Seattle's Top 10 Dates

I've decided to start a top 10 dates list for different cities in the USA. Since I grew up in Washington I thought it would only be appropriate to start with good ol' Seattle. 

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In No Particular Order:
1. Ivar's Fish Bar- I don't like seafood. Not in any shape or form...except Ivar's. It is so good! But food isn't the only attraction at this waterfront restaurant. Feeding the seagulls that swarm this place has been a favorite past time of visitors for years. This gem was founded in 1938. 

2. EMP (Experienced Music Project) - Yes, that is a building in the picture. No one quite knows what it is supposed to resemble. I have heard everything from a smashed guitar to a wad of play dough. Either way, it's a cool place. It is the best music museum you will visit in your life. I could seriously write a whole post on this place but I will refrain and just say its well worth a visit!

3. Ferry Rides - These are great for several reasons. You enjoy a beautiful ride in the sound, you can tag you car along if you like, it's relatively cheap and very safe.
4. Seahawks Game - If your hubby (or you) is a football fan, you must see a Seahawks game. I'm not too into football and neither is Hubby so I have nothing more to say on this.

5. Space Needle - A MUST if you are in Seattle. But, you MUST be loaded. Well, at least not poor law students like us. It is pretty expensive but a staple in the Seattle experience. Did you know that the restaurant spins? Talk about a great view while you dine!
6. Mariners game - Visit SafeCo field and catch a Mariners game! The roof is retractable. Kind of necessary in a rainy city like Seattle but a nice touch. 

7. Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club - How cool is this place? It's a canoe/kayak rental AND a restaurant. Enjoy a kayak ride together and then top it off with a meal while watching others paddle away into the sunset. 

8. International Fountain This one is free people! And check out the size of this thing. Gigantic fountain + hot day = great FREE date!

9. Pike Place Public Market - Another must do in Seattle. The world famous Pike Place Market. It's fantastic. If nothing else, just watch the fish throwers. They are amazing, and hilarious. You can even check them out on youtube

10. Seattle Underground - Who knew Seattle had an underground right? I didn't and I grew up in Washington! It is literally part of the "original" Seattle, before they elevated the streets in the mid 1800s. The ceiling is the sidewalk! Crazy right? Definitely worth seeing. 

Hope you enjoyed this top 10 list from Seattle.
Coming soon, Washington D.C!
Leave a comment about your best date and it may end up on your city's top 10 list!

Happy Dating!


  1. Wow! Seattle seems like a happening place! I'd love to visit one day.

    P.S.Thanks for your kind comments on my blog :)

  2. LOVE this! I hope you become a Pinterest sensation with these awesome ideas! I also hope Boston is treating you well :)


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