Friday, September 14, 2012

Argument Crowns

I hate to admit it, but Hubby and I have had arguments in our marriage. 
Not a lot. 
Not very often.
But it does happen every once in awhile. 

And let me just explain a few things about these "discussions". 
Hubby is a fabulous debater. He was on the debate team in high school as a matter of fact and even went to state. His debating skills helped in his decision to become a lawyer too. Since he argues like one already he figured, why not?
Ok not really but it seems like it sometimes. 

And then there's me. 
Your typical female. 
You know how it goes. He says something and I reply with, "what you really meant by that was..." I have also been known to pull the "you just think I'm fat" card. 
Ridiculous I know. 

"Disagreements" can do that to you I guess. 

During one of these "talks" Hubby was being particularly clever in his pre-lawyer skills and interrupting a lot. I was being especially feminine and being over sensitive. At one point I even said in a moment of frustration "You are the interruption king!"

And that got me thinking....

I went into the next room and came back with this little creation.

(Please excuse the fact that I can't spell "Interruption" correctly)

We both had a good laugh. 

I had to make myself one of course.

Completely with glitter, flowers, and pearls.

Totally old school here. Construction paper, glue sticks and scotch tape. 

Ever since then, the rule has been that we must wear our crowns during an argument. 
And you know what?
They don't last very long.
These crowns of ours really help us realize how silly we can be.

(The Interruption King and The Over Sensitive Queen)

We usually end up laughing. 
What bad habit do you have?
Try making crowns for you and your spouse. 
I swear they help!

And send me your pics!
I want to see your creations!

Happy Dating!

(The Over Sensitive Queen)


  1. This is hilarious!! And I'm pretty sure you're right that it works!

  2. That is awesome. You are amazing. I need to do this. Seriously.

  3. That is so funny! You are the best.

  4. Oh, arguments are so often over silly things, and, like you pointed out, exacerbated by the silliness of our own faults in our personalities. You had a funny idea!

    And by the way--the story you wrote about not being able to buy the Manhattan dress from Shabby Apple? That's so sad! That's pretty much my worst nightmare in the area of fashion--there's nothing worse than falling in love with something and not being able to ever buy it or wear it! And you have good taste too--I'm pretty sure that dress is the best Shabby Apple's ever had. Maybe we could start a petition to bring it back! :P

    1. I'm so onboard with a petition. Where do I sign? Lol
      I must have that dress!

  5. Haha. That is so cute! And I think discussions between men and women are often difficult because neither one tends to say exactly what they mean. :-)


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