Saturday, November 5, 2011

Save Money on Dates

If you are like us, there are lots of dates you would love to go on but don't have the budget for.

Take the Natural Bridge in Virginia for example. One of the seven wonders of the world. A once in a life time sight to see. Only problem is that tickets to see the bridge alone are $18 a piece.

Have no fear! Savings are here! I have found that most tourist attractions have discount or even free days for locals. Natural Bridge is no exception.

(The white speck directly below the bridge is a person. This thing is huge! The pictures don't do it justice!)

In this case, once a year they offer a special deal to locals for only $2! And that not only includes the bridge but other attractions like the caverns, butterfly house, Native American village, wax museum and more!

For our family to see everything they offer, it would have normally cost us $56 plus tax. Sweet B is young enough to not a ticket. But what if she was? What about when we have more children? It would cost $88 plus tax for a family of four.

(Names in the rock of Natural Bridge. This one dates 1855)

So, $56 or $2?
Silly question, I know.

In the picture above are George Washington's initials. Can you spot them?

(Part of the Native American Village)
The moral of the story is don't spend more than you have to on date night! Do some digging and see what you find. It doesn't hurt to ask. Sometimes they won't tell you about them unless you ask.

(Part of the Native American Village)
An expensive date turned super cheap? Works for me!


  1. Natural Bridge is so over priced! The only reason we went was because Steven Talley gave us free tickets because he works there and then I also went to a wedding there so that was free too. Seriously though, I think they way overcharge for something made by God, not man. Oh, well... I am so glad I got to see it though, it was stunning. The wax museum was pretty pathetic, but pretty funny. Did you go to it? The caves are pretty neat though.

  2. In our three years there we never went because it was so expensive! I'm glad you got to go! B is so beautiful and getting so big!!

  3. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please comes follow me back :)

  4. Lovely, but I agree - it sounds overpriced. Glad you got to see it. Our local zoo is normally $10/person, but once a month tickets are only $4. Great deal, but super crowded...

  5. These are absolutely wonderful pictures that you shared! They perfectly show how awesome God is.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I also checked one of the stores on your side bar - shabby apple. I hope to be able to buy something there :).


  6. Sweet bargain for such a beautiful day.

  7. Sorry I am getting over late to let you know--You've been featured at in my Saturday Showcase.



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