Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Catch-Up

After an extended period of absence, the date nights have returned! Being out of a camera and car, combined with crazy schedules made it pretty difficult for awhile. But with a new camera and car (yay!) we are back in business.

Did anyone ever make these growing up?

I know I sure did. As kids, my brother and I loved to make forts.We would play in them, sleep in them, and never ever clean them up like we promised Mom we would. Sorry Mom! They are just too fun, right?

For one of our family friendly dates, we decided to recreate some of those memories. After making our little fort, books were read, stories told, songs sung and just enjoyed each others company.

On another day, we all went to our local shopping district down town. We had a ball walking up and down the city streets window shopping. Our little one especially did. She is loving the whole walking thing.

I really enjoy spending time with my little family. Sometimes sitting at home under a blanket is as good as it gets. More dates to come. I have a lot of catch up to do since we have a camera now! See you next Friday Night for Date Night!

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