Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Romance Spotlight

Hello everyone and welcome to my weekly ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT! I am doing something a little different today. Instead of reading about a proposal, I would like you to watch one. 

This couple's proposal is INCREDIBLY SWEET! I live for this kind of stuff. And I must admit that part of the reason I started this blog was so I would have an excuse to read and watch mushy, cutesy stuff like this all the time. *Sigh* When I watch this one my heart starts pounding so loudly that I'm sure everyone can hear it.
 You HAVE to watch it!

Better than the movies? I have to hand it to them....it totally was!

See you next Tuesday for another ROMANCE SPOTLIGHT!
Happy Dating!

P.S. Giveaway coming soon! Once I hit 100 GFC followers I will be giving away a free date to a lucky couple!


  1. Oh my gosh that is the BEST!!!!

  2. That is SO cute. I found you on a blog hop...glad I did! Consider following me too @ Augustmagnolia.blogspot.com Thanks for the cute proposal!!


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